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ESI 296 Auto LCR Meter

ESI 296 Auto LCR Meter

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The ESI 296 is a microprocessor-controlled Digital Impedance Bridge. Making high speed measurements of L, R, C, G and calculating D and Q is extremely easy. Ranges: 19.999 mH to 199.99 H; 100 mohms to 1 Mohm; 199.99 pF to 19.999 mF at 1kHz. The 296 operates equally well as a stand alone bench top instrument, or in a complex automatic testing system. Manual programming is done with a 24-button front-panel keyboard. The operator just "tells" the meter what to measure, the two 4 1/2-digit LED displays simultaneously read out the reactive and loss components of the unknown. Programmable limits feature provides 10 user-selected comparison values for multi-band sorting. Along with the programmable limits, the 296 also features deviation measurement as standard. Other features include: Auto ranging, Dual Frequency (1kHz & 120Hz), Dual test voltage/current levels, and Guarded four-terminal connection, front and rear panels. 0.1% basic accuracy.

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