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Hewlett Packard / Agilent 3455A 5-6 Digit System Voltmeter

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The Hewlett Packard / Agilent 3455A is a 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 Digit Voltmeter.  The 3455A Digital Voltmeter is a microprocessor controlled, 5 1/2 or 6 1/2-digit voltmeter for bench or systems applications. The standard instrument measures DC volts (0.1 to 1000 V range with up to 1 µV sensitivity in five ranges), AC volts (1 to 1000 V range in four ranges) (ACV or FAST ACV), and resistance (2 W or 4 W: 0.1 kohm to 10 Mohms in six ranges). HP-IB controllability is standard. The standard True RMS converter gives AC measurements from 30Hz to 1MHz and the math function provide computational capability.