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Tektronix J1803 Luminance Head

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The Tektronix J1803 is a Luminance Head for the J17 and J18. The Tektronix J1803 luminance head measures in candelas/m2(nits) or footlamberts, where light scattered or emitted by a surface must be measured. Spectral response is matched to the CIE photopic curve with an f1 value of less than 3%, ensuring accurate results even when measuring spectrally different light sources. Measurement: luminance. Applications: displays, television, medical. Ranges(J17): .03 to 1,500,000 candelas/m2(nit), .01 to 100,000 footlamberts. Ranges(J18): .3 to 300,000 candelas/m2(nit), .1 to 100,000 footlamberts.

Data Sheet: Tektronix J1803 Data Sheet

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