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Acromag IP236-8 Industrypack Module

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The Acromag IP236-8 is a industrypack module.  The IP236-8 modules have 16-bit D/A converters (DAC) to provide highly-accurate analog voltage outputs. FIFO buffers enhance control over the transfer of data to the DAC and improve efficiency.  Each channel of the IP236-8 has a dedicated 128 sample FIFO buffer and its own clock. A start trigger transfers digital values from the buffer to the DAC. Three modes offer several choices for the data transfer on each channel. Continuous mode cycles data through the buffer for a given channel and is ideal for waveform generation. As new data loads into the FIFO, the output signal instantly updates without stopping the waveform. Single mode moves one value from the buffer to the converter for each trigger. External trigger mode synchronizes channel conversions to an event or other IP236 modules.  The IP236-8 has 8 channels and is a single width Industrypack module.