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Polar Instruments Toneohm 850 PCB Short Circuit Locator

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The Polar Toneohm 850 is a PCB Short Circuit Locator.  The Toneohm 850 is an ideal tool for electronics production and field service. The Toneohm 850 is able to quickly and accurately locate shorts on both bare and loaded PCBs, it offers a very cost-effective means of minimizing repair and rework of faulty PCBs that have been identified by pass/fail testing on an MDA or ATE system. By combining milliohm and microvolt measurement capabilities with sensitive, non-contact, current-tracing facilities, the 850 is also able to locate most types of PCB shorts that occur during in-service use. These include the type of low resistance faults - soft shorts - that are caused by failing decoupling capacitors and 'stuck-at' logic devices, which often pose considerable problems for field service.  Some of the features of the Polar Toneohm 850 are:

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