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Analogic DBS8701-B10 VXI Module

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The Analogic DBS8701 is a 8 Channel 400kS/s Multiplexed Analog to Digital Converter/Digitizer. This is a DBS8701-B10 which makes it a Bipolar ±10V.  The DBS8701-B10 features the first 400 kHz, high resolution, multichannel Digitizing Systems that combine the superior precision of 16-bit measurement with high throughput in a “C” size VXI module. The DBS8701 is fully compatible with VXI specification Rev. 1.3, a DBS 8701 occupies a single slot in a “C” size VXI chassis and provides an unparalleled price/performance ratio when used alone or in combination with other VXI modules (multiplexers, or digital-toanalog converters) within the Analogic DBS8701-B10.  The DBS8701 is designed to meet the stringent demands of fast and accurate measurements associated with multichannel applications such as vibration analysis, the testing of rotating machinery, and automotive and jet engine testing, as well as the analysis of large mechanical structures and other complex mechanisms.
Data Sheet: Analogic DBS8701 Data Sheet